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  1. Hello Exceptional Kinders,

    My name is Pony Allen. I'm a museum exhibit designer in Austin, TX. and I'm currently working on a project remodeling four children's discovery rooms. One of the exhibits in our "Play Waco" discovery room is a Pet Vet. And one of the features I've designed into the space is an "x-ray machine". I've been searching for weeks trying to locate some fun x-rays of puppies, cats, bunnies, etc. but have not found any suitable for lamination for the kids to play with.

    Then, just yesterday, I found your Animal X-Ray Images for Commercial Use and Posters Bundle! This looks like something that would be perfect! It appears that I could have them printed on a heavy duty transparency and they would hold up well for some time. They would fit perfectly into our x-ray machine and be a wonderful activity for museum visitors.

    So I'm wondering, is this something you would consider allowing? If we were to give you credit and not give away or sell your images, may we use them in our Pet Vet exhibit?

    Thank you very much for considering this. It would be very helpful and much appreciated! Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

    Very best,